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The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier: Invincible

Invincible - Jack Campbell Invincible, book 8 in the Lost Fleet series, and book 2 of the Beyond the Frontier story continues with the Alliance Fleet exploring unknown space with unknown alien species.

It has been several months since I'd finished a book, I'd attempted to read Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy but couldn't get into it, perhaps not being in the right frame of mind. Then this arrives in the post, from Amazon, having pre-ordered it months ago.

So I started reading it, I couldn't resist catching up on what happens next to Geary and the Alliance Fleet, and knowing it will be a while until the next one, I took more time in reading this. It has got me back in the mood for reading once again.

Now not only does it the story go to places that I didn't expect it to go, with there being (SPOILER) not one but two new alien races encountered, the Bear-Cows and the Spider-Wolves (whom's names change during the book), it also sees the Fleet coming back towards human space a lot sooner than I was expecting, and that's actually something that excites me.

It is the political machinations and motivations back in Alliance Space, and the reasons for what they did in trying to hinder the fleet and what is actually happening back in the Alliance that is now intriguing me in this series. I am left pondering what will eventually happen when Geary and the fleet get back (if they do) to Alliance space and how the story continues from there.

In the meantime I'll just to wait for the Lost Stars: Tarnished Knight to hit the shelves in October. Birthday present for myself? While also waiting for the next Beyond the Frontier book.