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Revelation Space

Revelation Space - Alastair Reynolds Sometimes the ideas and thoughts I want to express are difficult to formulate into words that give justice to my thoughts. It is as if English does not have the facility to express these thoughts, even though that is clearly not the case.

Initial impressions with this book had me worried that it would be a story of disparate parts that never come together. So at first it reminded me of a science fiction version of Cloud Atlas.

This is not a good thing.

I seem to be one of a small minority on Goodreads who did not like Cloud Atlas and was distinctly unimpressed by the way it never really came together or worked as a novel, instead being merely a collection of 6 tenuously linked short stories.

Luckily this was not the case with Revelation Space as it all comes together into a cohesive whole that makes sense of the chaos at the beginning.

At first the separate stories and multiple characters seemed quite random and were developing with little cohesion. Fortunately as the story progresses and establishes itself it all comes together into what suddenly becomes a very interesting book that is in essence, a mystery, set hundreds if not thousands of years in the future.

The writer explores many concepts, including apocalyptic events, environmental catastrophes, and genetic engineering. It holds your interest and gives you plenty of information and details to help understand the vision of the future the author is creating.

As an enjoyable read that came to an ending that I did not expect or see coming I can only recommend it to science fiction fans. A novel that comes to a unexpected but not unfulfilled ending is always a good thing.

I shall be reading further books by the author and in this series in the future.