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Relentless (Lost Fleet 5)

Relentless  - Jack Campbell I really, really enjoyed this book, the story developed a great deal, the characters were fleshed out some more, and the action was back to its best, interesting and exciting.

In my view, this book, number 5 in the series, is of the same quality and possibly even better than the first, which given it is number 5, is some achievement. The politics have increased, the intrigue is great, and the way the series is coming together is special, something I've found other series have failed to do.

It still rankles that some things are explained in each book but for some reason, due to all that went on and the developing plot lines and the subplots that have come to the fore, it didn't bother me as much. The rate at which I am racing through this series concerns me in that soon I will be up to date.

If you like science fiction, military sci-fi, and space opera, then this series is absolutely for you.