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Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier

Dreadnaught - Jack Campbell When you've read all six Lost Fleet books, and then the first in the Beyond the Frontier series in virtually one go (i.e. less than a month), the concept of waiting for the next one to be published is hard to accept!

This book continues the Lost Fleet series as it describes, beyond the frontier with the 'Enigma Race' and into their territory. Due to the addition of a new species, new areas of space, and changes to the fleet, it brings new angles and interest to the series and the characters.

There continues to be one central character, John 'Black Jack' Geary, with two other main characters, Desjani and Rione, though they are always seen exclusively through interactions with Geary.

The novels are written in the third person but basically from a first person perspective. It works, but it does make the series very focused on one character and thus the only interactions and knowledge of the universe that the author has created is through that characters eyes and thought processes.

All in all, a great book for sci-fi fans and I eagerly await the next installment.