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The Long Walk

The Long Walk - Stephen King This is surprisingly to me, my first Stephen King novel, it surprises me I suppose because I have grown up with Stephen King influenced literature, films, and television. From The Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption and the Shining, I have been exposed to the work of King many times and enjoyed all of them.

The Long Walk is very different from other books I have read, a book about a Long Walk is relentless in its focus on the Walk, nothing else matters, and you don't want to focus on anything else. This book affected me, the constant warnings, the punching of tickets, had me, while I was reading it, making sure I kept my pace when I was walking, looking over my shoulder, and focusing very hard on my walking.

It was quite strange to experience that while reading it and it is probably the first time a book has influenced my actions or feelings like that when I'm not asleep. It is a great book, absolutely gripping, and frightening.