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The Gunslinger

The Gunslinger  - Stephen King I really wanted to love this, I wanted to get stuck into another series that I would read in rapid succession and devour with great delight.

That did not occur, even though I liked the book.

I did not finish the book wanting to order the next one and read it right away, nor did I buy the following books in the series mid-way through the book as I have done with other first books in a series.

Analysing why leads me to believe that my high hopes were a contributing factor, but also I think the story itself is the reason. I found it slow to develop and hard to follow at the beginning as the story keeps thing very mysterious without much detail or information to entice the reader on.

The constantly changing scenes at the beginning which do not follow chronologically make it hard to grasp what is going on. This may have been deliberate, and I am sure it was, but for me it reduced my enjoyment of the book as the plot unravelled at a glacial pace.

It wasn't until after halfway that enough detail was revealed to enable even a small comprehension of what is going on, enough to want to find out further developments and why exactly Roland is chasing the Man in Black and who exactly is he.

Now I was reading the expanded and revised edition, so perhaps it does have more fluff at the beginning, and the original is tighter and progresses the story quicker, but if that is the case, then this can only be an improvement on the basis of tying it up with books later in the series (as I have read) rather than any improvement to the actual story.

Did I enjoy the book? In the end yes, the latter half did leave me wanting more.

Will I read the next book? Yes but not right away, there are higher priorities on my to-read list.