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On Basilisk Station (Honor Harrington)

On Basilisk Station  - David Weber It has been hard to rate this book, there are elements which are deserving of 3 stars, and then those that are worthy of 4 stars. Either way it remains an interesting and engaging start to a series, introducing slowly, the world which Weber has constructed to the reader.

There are some strange decisions on the authors part in this book, none more so than when the climatic battle scene is interrupted to give a long detailed history on faster than light travel and how the technology was developed.

On the other hand, the effects of moving into a new workplace environment, the challenges that brings, especially when coming in as the boss, and the way Honor has to win respect and acceptance after some setbacks is intelligently handled and written well.

One of the main interests for me was the political element, often glossed over by other authors, that lies behind the Republic of Haven, and the Royal Kingdom of Manticore. This developed and explained culture is both interesting and well developed, and as the series continues, hopefully this will continue to develop and expand.

The political staging is good, and it is immediately obvious to me that Manticore's political system and style of Government is based on Great Britain, mixing elements of 19th century Britain with that of the current day.

The politics, military battles, and developing characters (that hopefully don't all get killed off), combined with a good plot, means I will be reading the next in the series.